Foster Your Child's Social and Emotional Growth

Treat them to a day at our indoor play center in Bismarck, ND

Did you know your child learns important social and cognitive skills during playtime? While they run, play and explore, their brain takes in all sorts of sensory information and creates new connections. Support your child's sensory development by taking them to DC's Sensory Center LLC in Bismarck, ND.

Our sensory center offers a safe and fun environment where your child can play, learn and grow. You can even host parties in our event room and invite your child's friends to spend the afternoon exploring our space. Call 701-751-2057 now with any questions about our play center packages.

8 ways that sensory play is important for development

Whether or not your child struggles with sensory processing issues, sensory play can play an important role in their mental and social development. Our sensory center features play areas that will...

  1. Build nerve connections
  2. Develop language skills
  3. Facilitate cognitive growth
  4. Enhance memory
  5. Teach sensory attributes
  6. Grow motor skills
  7. Promote problem-solving skills
  8. Foster important social skills

You won't find equipment like ours anywhere else, since it was custom-designed for our facility by Keyheart Sensory Equipment. You'll love watching your child develop while having a fun-filled day. Purchase a day pass to our indoor play center today to try it out.